There are many types of products, packaged and sold according to the needs of the end consumer. The properties of these products, their composition and conservation needs, often dictate how the container should be. In this article we will explain which flexible packaging format is ideal for each product.
Doypack: it's the flexible packaging star, also known as stand-up pouch. Ideal for all types of products. Allows packaging of all types of content: solid, liquid, creamy or powder. In addition, doypack packaging has the advantage of preserving the properties of the products it contains very well thanks to the choice of a wide variety of barriers for a good preservation of the product to be packaged. The only drawback is that it cannot pack large quantities of product. Examples of products that you can pack: coffee, tea, pet food, sauces, dehydrated food, cookies, candies, nuts, chocolates, among others.

Sachets: an optimal container for samples, single-dose products or products that require vacuum packaging. Examples of products that could be packaged in the sachet format are: smoked foods, seeds, pharmaceuticals or cosmetic products.
Back seal bags: a container that specializes in preserving the aroma of the product it contains. Its most common uses are: coffee, cocoa, flavored products, air fresheners, among other products.

Maxibag: its main characteristic is that it can pack large quantities of product, since the “maxibag” container has a resistance of up to 25kg in weight. It is ideal for packaging a large quantity of product, and is widely used in industries: pharmaceutical, food or veterinary. It is ideal for storing products such as: pet food, detergents, fertilizers, soil, among others. The size of the container is chosen by the customer according to their needs.

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