There are thousands of products on the market that want to be sold. Only you know that your product has the best formula, but potential customers need to try it to make the purchase decision. That is why the sachet format is a star format for sample, testing or single-dose products. The sachet bags are made with three welds. It is an excellent format for products that require vacuum packaging. Different opening elements can be applied, such as easy open, self-closing (zip) or die to hang.

It can be manufactured in different sizes, depending on the needs of the client, and customize its design as desired. The sachet is not only perfect for single-serving products, but it is also an ideal format for products such as meat, cheese, milk, cold cuts or frozen products. Smoked products are also usually packaged in sachet format, as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
The products that are usually packaged in the sachet format are the following:
  • · Single dose shampoo
  • · Single dose cream
  • · Single-dose wet paper
  • · Single serving sauces
  • · Spice
  • · Seeds
  • · Ice
  • · Milk
  • · Nuts
  • · Salmon
  • · Meat
If you are looking for a sachet format for your products, do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you and send you a budget without obligation.