Flexible Packaging’s birth goes back to the mid-1800s, when the manufacture of paper bags began in the United Kingdom and the United States. Time, technological advances, and experience have made large-scale production possible, and this has created an obvious need for product packaging. The need has also arisen to choose the best materials for the conservation of each product, depending on their characteristics and properties.

Even though the concept of flexible packaging has existed for many years, it has been a recent revolution. Next, we will explain the reasons why flexible packaging has prevailed as a more sustainable and viable option compared to rigid packaging.

Why is flexible packaging more efficient, sustainable and durable?

  • It allows to transport more quantity of product in less space, thus saving transport costs.
  • It is more sustainable as it requires less energy to be transported, reducing the total carbon footprint of packaging by up to 40% in the European Union.
  • Requires less use of material, which also generates less waste.
  • It is very resistant to withstanding blows, cold, heat and movement during transport. We will prevent the packaging from breaking and product being wasted.
  • Adapts to product needs: odor preservation, vacuum packed, easy-open, special dies.
  • Offers the possibility of packaging adjustable portions to avoid food waste.
  • Offers many options in terms of design. Thanks to digital printing technology, we can customize the design without complications.

At Bolsaplast Flexible, we want to offer you the best flexible packaging. Our goal is that our clients have the best options to optimize their costs and stand out in the product line.

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