You’ve probably noticed that an increasing number of brands are starting to use doypack packaging. Until a few years ago, this type of flexible packaging was only used for food products such as: dried fruits and nuts, juices, cereals, vegetables, sauces, or olives. Nowadays, the popularity of this type of packaging and its acceptance by consumers have increased.

It is now commonplace to find any type of product in doypack format, such as: shampoos, items of lingerie, or capsules (single-dose detergent for dishwashers or washing machines). Thanks to its strength, the doypack format can hold all types of solid, liquid, creamy or powdered contents. Furthermore, one advantages of the doypack packaging is that it is very good at preserving the properties of the products it contains, thanks to the choice of a wide range of barriers to correctly preserve the product inside.

As well as the advantages it provides in strength and good preservation, doypack packaging also offers an important advantage in terms of image. This packaging stands out for its round base, a guarantee of maximum stability that means it can be displayed vertically anywhere in the shop. It can be placed on shelves in the establishment or even in a special sales area in the shop or on the counter to promote the product at the point of sale.
It is the ideal packaging to display your product. Not only because it can be placed anywhere in the shop, but also because its design and labelling are fully bespoke all the way around the packaging (360º).

This type of bag can be made of different materials, depending on the requirements of the product it is to hold. The most commonly used materials are transparent film, aluminium, paper, or metallised.
100% recyclable or compostable materials can also be used
. And different finishes can be added, such as easy-to-open, zip, rounded edges, etc.

Insofar as the printing of the designs, digital printing is highly recommended. It allows for each format to be customised as much as possible, even on medium or short runs. The product design can be adapted to short runs, to exceptional promotional actions, or to tests for a new product launch. All this, once again, with no printing plate costs.

At Bolsaplast we work with the most commonly used materials in packaging, making them fully bespoke through digital printing. Through our website you can request a quotation and a sample of the material of interest to you. Contact us to produce the flexible packaging for your company.