The market has been revolutionized by our consumer habits, globalization and the number of brands and products that co-exist today. Like all cosmetic and hygiene products, they have specific storage and conservation needs: moisture barriers, permeability, isolation from external agents, among others.
To store cosmetic and hygiene products, the two star formats are: the doypack and the sachet.
The doypack for cosmetics and hygiene

The doypack is the perfect bag to store a single-dose packaging set (sachets) or: bars of soap, facial masks, hygienic masks, transdermal patches, sponges, dressings and patches, among many other products.

The sachet, perfect for samples and small quantities

Samples or single-dose products (perfumes, creams, scrubs, masks, serums, gels, wet wipes), require optimal preservation characteristics. The format par excellence is the sachet: it allows these products to be hermetically stored, in a very profitable and easy to transport way.
In addition to storage, these two formats allow a personalized design, favoring the visibility of your product on the physical shelf and online.
A good product with an attractive packaging design has a better chance of being sold, improving the customer's experience with the brand.

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